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Serena gave me permission to share her story of Cannabis Oil and Herbs that healed what is normally considered fatal form of Thyroid Cancer as a means of giving hope to others... I believe that in sharing the stories it brings about awareness of alternative medicines, reinforces the positive effects of medical marijuana while helping to remove some of the sterotypical stigmas that some still hold onto and will get the healing benfits infront of the people who have the power to remove from a schedule 1 dangerous drug and each state will legalize the whole plant for the benefit of society! So Thank you and blessings to you Serena....

My name is Serena and I live in Washington state. I was diagnosed with an always fatal form of cancer called anaplastic thyroid cancer in Dec. 2013. Yes, I am still alive. I went to Swedish Cancer institute in January and was operated on by Dr Moore. He indicated then that he got a significant portion of the cancer and to try radiation. I did six and a half weeks of radiation on my thyroid and it came back near my lungs a month later.

I went up to Seattle again to see Dr Moore and he told me that since I was still healthy to take iodine 131 to kill of the rest of the thyroid cells. That was on the 11th of this month, June 2014.. I went for a whole-body scan yesterday and it showed that I had no cancer. My family and friends are over the moon with the results and I want to share my protocol with all of you.

Along with the radiation, chemo doesn’t work on anaplastic cancer, I used many natural herbs and medicines with the blessing of the wonderful Dr Moore and his people.
So this is what I use:
Cannabis oil is my front line of defense. Even though I am clean, I will continue to take the cannabis oil to stay cancer free.
JHS brand Super Corolious. ( This is a Turkey tail mushroom extract that is very powerful) My son's best friend's mother healed her breast cancer with turkey tail mushroom extract.
Green tea or green tea extract. (Vital Nutrients)
Essiac Tea (very powerful and available most health food stores.
Omega 3 (ProOmega)
MSM (natural sulfer if you are not allergic)
Multi vitamin (Thorne)
My girls , Elaine and Serena after we got the news.after 6 months of radiation and one round of iodine 131 her body scan came out clean! We feel blessed and grateful !
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