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The truth about "CBD enriched hemp oil" products By Wolf Segal on Friday, April 25, 2014 at 5:56pm This is the updated version. Please share widely.

Anyone who is trying to either get you to join a "hemp oil" multi-level marketing group (e.g. Kannaway) aka a "pyramid scheme" or who tries to sell you "CBD rich hemp oil" is, knowingly or not, committing fraud one of three ways.

The first is that even if every other claim they make were true, there's not enough CBD in each dose to be medically significant for most patients who need cannabinoid medicines.

The second is that there either is or is not as much of each plant-derived cannabinoid as they claim. Let's give them the benefit of doubt and say that there is. In that case they are not telling the truth about their products being legal in any of the 50 states. The Controlled Substances Act defines CBD as a THC even though it's chemically different. .

In fact, it defines every plant-derived cannabinoid as THC for legal purposes. It is illegal to possess any substance which contains a combined total of all plant-derived cannabinoids which is in excess of three tenths of one percent.  . Yes, they would be tolerated in the mmj states, Washington and Colorado but possession is nonetheless a crime. In those states where possessing an extract is a felony, so is shipping or having shipped a Controlled substance across state lines asking someone to commit a felony is its own separate felony called "misprision of a felony."Again, these products are not legal in any of the 50 states but are tolerated in the mmj states.

I have no issue with people choosing to practice civil disobedience, especially for the sake of medical necessity. However, this is a choice which should be made knowingly, not as a result of being falsely told that what they're contemplating doing is legal. If someone chooses to risk their freedom for the sake of a loved one's health they deserve better than to be massively overcharged (hundreds of dollars per gram of CBD) by predators feeding on their desperation. There is not enough CBD or any other cannabinoid in the recommended dosages to be medically significant for the vast majority of patients. It is the time lost while the majority of patients are being given this snake oil rather than a medically effective cannabis extract that I object to most of all. I have contacted both the Attorney General's Office in Washington, D.C. and the United States Attorney's Office in Portland, Oregon asking for a definitive answer on whether CBD is or is not defined as THC by the Controlled Substances Act.

Alison Price—the spokesperson for the Attorney General f the Unites States of America—referred me to the DEA's Public Affairs Office. The number 2 person there—Barbara L. Carreno—who stated that she believed these products were illegal and that she would have her boss—Dawn Dierdan—the spokesperson for the DEA-- give me a call with the definitive answer. I am waiting on that call.(1:15 pm PDT 25APRIL2014) I just got off of the phone with Dawn Dierden--the spokesperson for the DEA, who took so long to get back to me because she had to check it with the legal beagles.

Here is the DEA's definitive answer re: CBD. "CBD is a Schedule I Controlled Substance regardless of source. Even if the exemptions noted in the Controlled Substances Act were cited they do not apply to any product INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION which contains in excess of .3% cannabinoids."In other words there is no question, the "CBD-enriched hemp oil" products ARE illegal. If you chose to commit civil disobedience (and I believe only a terrible parent wouldn't) for the sake of your child's health, be aware that you ARE making that choice.This more and more has the feeling of a giant sting. Imagine how much money they can steal by way of forfeiture if they let these companies selling "high CBD hemp oil," CBD vaporizers etc. build up.

Now add in the people caught up in distributing this stuff. This could be the DEA's last big cannabis-based heist (forfeiture).Here's the page which shows RSHO by Hempmeds' lab tests. Note that it strongly implies that their testing is by one of the most widely respected Cannalysis labs there is--Steephill Halent.  This is what you see when you get there.

So-o-o, who is this Phytosphere that does the testing on this Hempmeds product? Well, lookie here. It seems that Hempmeds, Dixie, Kannaway, RSHO and Phytosphere are all subsidiaries of Cannavest.  Cannavest is currently being sued for Securities fraud. Bluebird products are just as illegal.

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