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Posted: 2015-07-02 23:20:01

marijuana-smoker1Denver city officials have given approval to the Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative, allowing advocates to begin gathering signatures in attempt to place the proposal on this November’s ballot.

If advocates are successful in collecting 4,726 valid signatures by September 3rd, the initiative will be placed on the November general election ballot. If approved by voters, it would allow cannabis to be consumed at any venue where only those 21 and older are allowed, such as bars and adult-only clubs.

“People recognize that this makes sense,” says Mason Tvert, one of the primary backers of the initiative who was also a key player in getting Amendment 64 approved in 2012. “We are simply talking about limited social use for adults — allowing limited social use in businesses that choose to allow it. These businesses will only be accessible to people 21 and older, or they’ll have an area that can only be accessed by people 21 and over. So it’s hard to understand why that would be problematic to anyone.”

Although 4,726 signatures are needed to put the initiative to a vote, advocates are aiming for around double that, in order to account for invalid signatures (including from those who aren’t registered to vote and any duplicates).

– TheJointBlog

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