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Posted: Fri, 04 Aug 2017 12:28:30 GMT

Container Garden Of Heirloom Lettuce

If you are new to growing your own food in containers, these are some simple tips that should help you to get a better yield and results from your containers.  

Succession planting.  About two to three weeks after you planted your seeds, you will want to plant an additional set. This is known as succession planting. It's goal is to keep you with a continual harvest. The concept is that when you you harvest the first set, the second set is growing right behind it. 

Thinning seedlings. When you planted your seeds, you likely scattered a few of them in the soil. Now that they’ve grown a little bit, there are a few of them that are really close to each other. You want to remove some of them. If you don’t they will be fighting for water, nutrients and space, which result in a crappy yield.  

So where there are few really close, take a scissor and cut them at the soil line, leaving the healthiest looking one to continue growing. If you look at the back of your seed packet, you can see the recommended space between plants. 


 Amend your soil. When you first plant the potting soil that you use should likely have all the compost, nutrients and minerals for the plant to initially survive, but over time the plant will use these up and they will deplete. You will need to add new fertilizer and nutrients into the soil.

What are some other simple tips to take care of your garden?

Mike Lieberman started to grow on his fire escape garden in NYC during the Spring of 2009. In April of 2010, he moved to LA where he started a balcony garden, and has continued to grow even more food. You can follow Mike online at Urban Organic Gardener, and read all of his MOTHER EARTH NEWS posts here.

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